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In 2013, urwerk replica -- URWERK's award-winning EMC concept successfully combines the complex mechanical watch movement with the electronic brain inside the watch, and reconstructs the traditional watch manufacturing technology to achieve the highest accuracy.

Inspired by the same innovation, the new EMC Time Hunter X-ray clock also combines precision mechanical motion and electronic modules to monitor its speed. At the touch of a button, you can tell whether your watch is fast or slow and how far it is balanced.

Electromagnetic compatible time hunter x - ray limited 15 versions, providing a high visual time reading with a central dial for black hours and minutes of hand painted with white ultra brightness to enhance contrast. A rotating disk that displays the number of one o 'clock seconds is balanced by a standby power indicator at seven o 'clock. EMC TimeHunter performance indicators show a rate (±15 seconds/day) and an on-demand balanced amplitude of 10 points. The speed of a mechanical watch depends on its position in space and its temperature. So, before selling precision watches, manufacturers typically test them on a continuously rotating arm at a relatively stable temperature. Therefore, the watch spends the same amount of time in each position. However, the actual amount of time spent in each position varies depending on the owner's work or leisure activities and the amount of time the watch is actually worn. So two identical watches with different owners may show different weekly gains and losses. At the press of a button, the owner of an EMC TimeHunter watch can know the speed of his watch -- its rate of loss. Then he can adjust it accordingly. This interactive feature enables the watch(watch replicas ) owner to adapt his watch to his lifestyle and changing environment.

The energy of the electronic rating module is generated by turning the crank. When the button is pressed, one hand points to two symbols: delta (velocity measurement) or P(energy) deficiency. If measurement is possible, the hand first points to the velocity -±15 seconds a day - and then, after a brief pause, the amplitude is balanced. In addition, leds are green if the watch is working properly and red if the speed exceeds acceptable tolerancesWhile the watch's speed -- its daily profit and loss -- is easy to understand, its balance is less pronounced. It measures the swing of the pendulum on a clock or the swing of the balance wheel on a watch in radians.

Theoretically, every vibration of a pendulum or balance must be synchronized. That is, whatever its amplitude, its duration must be exactly the same. In most mechanical watches, amplitude between 240° and 310° guarantees optimal performance. Because the watch's small balance wheel weight is very light, and to the speed of four times per second swing, so its amplitude will be affected by various factors. For example, if the balance bar does not have enough lubrication, it will lose amplitude. Therefore, amplitude is a valuable indicator of whether the watch needs maintenance.

Balance is the beating heart of every mechanical watch. Like the human heart, best fake watches its rhythm (synchronization) and pulse (amplitude) indicate its health.

The emc time hunter concept has three purposes: to show the balance of external influences, such as temperature, pressure and the influence of the owner's activities; Allow the owner to adjust the balance speed of the watch and encourage interaction with the watch.

EMC TimeHunter can be described as a precision mechanical watch with an autonomous movement, designed, developed and manufactured by URWERK in its Zurich studio and adjusted by URWERK in Geneva. Its movement meets the highest quality standards. During the 30-day test, its timing function was adjusted in five locations to meet chronometer standards.

Its balance wheel is made of ARCAP alloy, which URWERK chose because of its nonmagnetic and corrosion resistance. Its unusual shape is scientifically calculated and aerodynamic, minimizing the effects of air friction and achieving optimal amplitude.
Its two main springs are placed in two overlapping barrels to ensure a constant power supply and an 80 hour power reserve.
Its external adjusting screw is attached to the fast/slow indicator of the balance, replica urwerk watches sale adjusting the speed by changing the effective length of the balance spring.

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